Crusoft policy on prohibited content

Our content policy serves to ensure a comfortable experience for every user. We try to prevent violations of the specified requirements and kindly ask you to follow the rules listed below.

Spam, malware and fishing

Please do not use Crusoft hosting to send spam and malware. Spam includes mass promotional or commercial mailing without the recipient's consent and soliciting.

The maximum allowable volume of e-mail messages sent from the hosting is 100 letters per hour for all tariff plans. If the limit is exceeded, mailing is blocked, and the content of the mails is to be checked for "spam". 

It is prohibited to use Crusoft hosting for phishing, an unauthorized collection of confidential data (including passwords, bank card data and social security numbers). It is prohibited to transfer malware, viruses, or other content that might obstruct the work of networks, servers, or other infrastructure components of Crusoft or third parties.

Expression of violence

Please do not post content that contains graphic violence or cruelty of shocking, sensational, or offensive nature. If any news, documentary, scientific or artistic material you post contains the above content, you shall have to explain the reason for such publication and what information you want to communicate to users by this. It is also prohibited to publish content that contains calls for violence. It is also prohibited to declare discriminatory statements that disseminate hatred and violence against an individual or a group on the grounds of their racial or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, combatant status, sexual orientation, gender, gender self-identification and on other grounds that might lead to systematic discrimination or marginalization.

Content of a terrorist nature

According to our policy, terrorist organizations are prohibited from using the hosting for any purpose including recruitment. It is also prohibited to publish terrorism-related content, in particular the content that advocates terrorist activities, violence and glorify terrorist attacks. If your educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic materials contain such content, you shall have to provide the necessary explanations for users to understand the purpose of publishing.

Harassment, abuse and threats

Such actions and incitement to them are prohibited. It is prohibited to use our hosting for posting content that contains threat of physical attacks, sexual harassment or other potentially harmful information. Besides, we can report an immediate threat to human life or health local law enforcement authorities in emergency situations. Remember that online harassment is prosecuted in many countries and could have serious consequences for both parties.

Sexually explicit content

It is prohibited to use our hosting for publishing erotic and sexually explicit images and videos. It is allowed to discuss "adult" topics without posting sexually explicit images or videos, or other content depicting or encouraging sexual acts with children or animals.

It is also prohibited to publish content that redirects users to sites with commercial pornography.

It is allowed to publish educational, scientific and artistic materials that contain images of naked body in the wild (for example, a demonstration of breastfeeding).

Content involving minors

Do not upload or publish content that demonstrates maltreatment of children or contains obscene scenes that involve them. Such content includes any forms of minors’ depiction in a sexual context (including cartoons), and other sexually explicit materials that involve children. It is strictly forbidden to use the hosting for creation, storage or distribution of minors' images in a sexual context. Example of violation: gallery of children's photographs with comments of a sexual nature.

Personal and confidential information

Do not share personal or confidential information. This applies to bank card numbers, medical insurance policies, driver's licenses and other documents or information that are not publicly available. Information that has been already posted on the Internet or other publicly available sources is not considered personal or confidential.

Illegal actions

It is prohibited to use the hosting for illegal purposes. It is strictly forbidden to advertise or sell drugs.

Copyright infringement

Please comply with the copyright law. It is prohibited to publish materials without a permission of the author or post links to content you do not hold rights to. We respond to any reliable reports that concern copyright infringement.

How to report a violation

If you are confident that the violation of this policy takes place, or if you find that some content violates copyright or other applicable laws, please report such cases to our technical support by phone +372-69-80-107 or email at