Terms of purchase, use and refund

  1. The volume of the Service provided.

1.1. Creation of account (with the provision of unique name and password to publish data on the Contractor's server);

1.2. Provision the Customer with the disk space on the Contractor's server in accordance with the chosen and paid tariff plan for placing a site;

1.3. Provision of support for primary and secondary DNS servers for domains in use;

1.4. Possibility to register e-mail addresses with the shared volume of data stored at any time within the quota provided for according to the chosen and paid tariff plan;

1.5. Possibility to use all available programs and functions in accordance with the chosen and paid tariff plan;

1.6. Provision the Customer with technical support via e-mail and technical support tickets for connection to the service and configuring the software.


  1. Cost of services, procedure for providing services and payment terms.

2.1. The CONTRACTOR shall provide services to the CUSTOMER to the extent and on the terms provided for in this Agreement and in the Annexes to this Agreement, and the CUSTOMER shall pay for the Services rendered within the terms and under the conditions provided for by this Agreement.

2.1.1. The service is provided for the term indicated at the moment of purchase and stipulated in the invoice billed to the Customer. After creating an order in the online store, the invoice is sent to the Customer via e-mail.

2.1.2. The term for provision of the service is calculated from the moment of its activation.

2.2. Payment is to be made by bank transfer or by credit card. 2.2.1. We accept MasterCard or Visa cards that allow to make payments online with the use of 3D security technology.

2.2.2. Payment is considered complete on the date the Customer's funds is received on Contractor's operating account. From this moment, the Service is considered activated.

2.3. The Contractor has the right to change the cost of its services at any moment.

2.3.1. Changes in prices downward or upward do not apply to the Customers who have already signed a contract with the Contractor.

2.4. The Customer's balance sheet is reset to zero after 60 days from the date of blocking the order, provided that the account has no other active orders or orders which were blocked more than 30 days ago.


  1. Assurance of the quality of services.

3.1. The Contractor guarantees the quality of Service rendered according to paragraphs 1.1-1.6. throughout the entire term of Service.

The Contractor bears no responsibility for the quality of communication channels beyond its network configuration.

3.2. The Contractor provides the Customer with the opportunity to obtain advice via e-mail and the automated customer support system (see section 5 of this Agreement).

3.3. The consultations are limited to specific issues related to the provision of services and configuration of the special software provided.

3.4. The Contractor shall take technical and organizational measures generally accepted by the Internet community to ensure the confidentiality of the data received, stored or sent by the Customer.


  1. Duration and termination of the Agreement.

4.1. The Agreement shall enter into force upon activation of the Service by the Customer.

4.2. The present Agreement may be terminated at the initiative of the Customer:

4.2.1. In the absence of the Contractor's immediate fault, based on notification compiled in writing and sent to the Contractor within no more than 14 days after the Agreement has been put into force. In this case, the funds remained on the account shall be returned to the Customer.

4.2.2 If the Contractor fails to render the services in the scope set forth in paragraphs 1.3-1.8. at any time during the term of the Agreement. In this case, the Customer shall notify the Contractor via e-mail. The Contractor undertakes to review the Customer's application within 2 working days and, if necessary, resume the provision of the Service component missing. If it deems impossible to provide the Service in full, the Contractor is obliged to credit the cost of the unused service to the Customer's account within 15 working days.

4.3. This agreement may be terminated at the initiative of the Contractor, if the Contractor is unable to provide the Service. In this case, the Contractor shall notify the Customer via email and refund the unused balance of the Customer within 15 working days.

4.4. The present Agreement may be terminated at the initiative of the Contractor, if the Customer violates the terms of the Agreement and the Terms of Hosting Use set out in paragraph 5. In this case, a refund is not provided.

  1. Terms of Hosting Use.

It is prohibited to use the server for storing the information that

  1. Harms the reputation of, and give offence to other people,
  2. Violates the laws of Estonia and the European Union,
  3. Advocates violence,
  4. Constitutes any kind of spam. Users who mail spam get blocked without refund of unspent balance.
  5. Considered to be child porn, bestiality, violence, or content that infringes copyright law.

It is prohibited to upload non-debugged scripts causing overloading of the server.

It is prohibited to upload chats, statistics php-scripts (tops or counters that enter all the data into a database), tds and parsers that run more than once every 30 minutes.

It is prohibited to upload mailing scripts (mailing more than 100 letters per hour).

It is prohibited to use Crusoft smtp servers for bulk mailing.

It is prohibited to upload scripts generating more than 60,000 database queries per hour.

It is prohibited to use scripts or software that actively loads the network.

It is prohibited to use any software recognized by anti-viruses as malware, as well as botnets, exploits, shells, and so on.

It is allowed to place only Content Rich Doorways.


Expired accounts are automatically deleted after 60 days.